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>No matter to firefighter uniform, arc flash suit, oil and gas coverall, or pilot suits, Nomex zipper plays an important part. We strictly use authentic Nomex tape to make the Nomex zipper. It is assurance for fire resistance, tear strength, and color fastness. The teeth comes in two material, Metal brass and Vislon FR. Each has their own merits.

>May , · Nomex is a trusted FR brand for workers and is inherently flame resistant, providing protection thats built into the fiber and cant be washed out or worn away. Lightweight, highly durable and lowlinting, Nomex provides an ideal balance of comfort and protection.

>Using Nomex® accessories is more protectiove for flame retardant coveralls and all kind of protective garments. For fire resistant accessories, we have Nomex® IIIA zipper, Nomex® sewing thread, Nomex® webbing, Nomex® elastic band, Nomex® sewing thread, Nomex® cuff, Nomex® string, Nomex® shoelace, FR nylon fastener tape and FR button.

>CXP® Comfortable Aramid Fabrics | Westex by Milliken. Introduced in , CXP ® offers greater comfort than other aramid fabrics due to the Softouch Technology process, which provides improved breathability, longer lasting color and a softer hand.

>Flame Resistant Uniforms ... SteelGuard® FR Pro Coveralls with Nomex® oz. View Details Save. SteelGuard® FR Pro Coveralls with Nomex® oz.