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>Additional Nomex® fabric considerations: Widely used by petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and utility industries, as well as firefighters Inherent thermal protection that cannot be washed away Durable and resistant to abrasion, tears, and chemicals Meets the NFPA standard for firefighters stationwear

>VIKINGs new triplelayered hood­help protect your neck, ears and jaw area from dangerous particles. It is the latest breakthrough in barrier protection for firefighter hoods. Between layers of comfortable viscose, we have added a paperthin layer of DuPont Nomex® Nano Flex, which acts as a protective barrier against particles without ...

>Best quality completely made in the U.S.A. firefighting hood! PAC II fire retardant hood is % nomex. UL certified and compliant to meet NFPA standards and Cal/OSHA standards. Notched shoulder allows hood to properly drape for added protection. inches longer than NFPA requires helps make sure the hood stays tucked inside your ...

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>FIREFIGHTER HOODS. TheFireStore offers the largest selection of NFPA certified structural fire hoods in the public safety market. Shop here for hoods made of nomex, carbon, PBI, lenzing and more. All Hoods ».

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>NFPA Compliant Knit Nomex® Blend Hood. Made from oz. knit Nomex® Twoply; Long style; ATPV of cal; NFPA and NFPA E compliant

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>A collection of hoods you can depend on. Certified NFPA Edition. ... Sewn with Nomex thread. NFPA requirements met or exceeded. Partners.

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>FireDex Fire Hoods offer great comfort and breathability in both classic and particulateblocking fire hood designs NFPA

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>Nomex Hoods. Our NFPA Certified Nomex Fire Hoods ensure the safety, comfort, and mobility that firefighter&#;s need on the job. The Nomex material is the best fire resistant material on the market.

>Majestic&#;s firefighter hoods are classified by UL to meet the NFPA Standard. They provide unparalleled comfort, protection, value and are made in the USA. % Nomex / % Lenzing FR.Nomex Blend material is nd level electric ARC rated = ATPV = cal/cm² (double ply material) in accordance with ASTM International Standard Test Method F.One piece with notched shoulder ...

>Stretchable materials provide maximum comfort and unrestricted range of motion. ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Seam free on the top of the head allows for maximum breathability and comfort. No Tag Design. Unique Barcoded ID for Tracking. NFPA Optional Requirements for Protective Barrier Hoods. VIPER MAX HOODS: UL certified to meet or exceed ...

>% Nomex natural hood fabric Black Outer Layer, White Inner. Designed for comfort & flexibility. Maintains protective properties after washing. MFA hoods offer Majestic offers inches of protection! Specifications for this item. Brand Name. Majestic Fire Apparel. Ean. .

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>NFPA EDITION HOODS. INDUSTRIAL HOODS. ARC HOODS. LIMITED SUPPLY NFPA Barrier Series. ... These hoods are made out of % natural Nomex. ...

>NFPA Hood % NOMEX / % LENZING Alliance Fire and Rescue, Inc. uses a variety of fibers to create the highest quality knitted sock style hoods that provide the wearer with protection from flash fire hazards. The ply construction also adds thermal insulation in cold weather conditions. % NOMEX / % LENZING FR

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>Long ply style knit hood from oz. Nomex® blend. ATPV= cal. NFPA E and NFPA rated. Knit P/Lenzing Hood. Part# PNFPA. Long ply style knit hood from oz. P / Lenzing blend. White Nomex® Blend Knit Hood, Short Style. Part# KN. Short ply style knit hood from oz. white Nomex® blend. Black Nomex® Blend Knit Hood ...

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>Made in the U.S.A. and Certified to NFPA . H Interceptor particulate blocking hoods reduce firefighters exposure to persistent fire ground carcinogens and other harmful contaminants. This layer hood features an inner layer of DuPont Nomex® Nano Flex that&#;s carried throughout the entire hood and sewn between layers of oz PBI ...

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>FireDex H White Nomex Fire Hood, NFPA The FireDex H White Nomex Fire Hood is a layer, long, seamless bib with notched shoulders. The H model finishes at approximately " from top of crown to the bottom of the back, " to the bottom of the front, " to the shoulder notch, and approximately wide at the neck.